Santa Teresa Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

Designed to Share with Those You Love

Design Your Journey

In our Santa Teresa, Costa Rica beach house rentals, we have collected elements from our favorite beach getaways to Bali, Brazil, Italy and St. Barts, offering a sublime escape where our guests truly feel at home.

In essence, all of our guests have the opportunity to create their own vision of the perfect getaway, one that just happens to have Costa Rica's most beautiful white sand beach as a backdrop for your Costa Rica vacation rental.


Santa Teresa, Costa Rica Vacation Adventure

For some, it’s about waking up before sunrise to surf the day’s first wave. For others, it’s having the freedom to lose track of time.

We’ve heard that the coffee tastes richer, the pineapples sweeter, and that the fireflies shine brighter. And then there are the stories of chasing a setting sun on horseback and of dancing around a bonfire under a full moon…

For us, the idea was simple... find the most beautiful beach location in Costa Rica and create a separate peace where our guests could share it all with the ones they love.